Category: Dams and Landslides

How Dams Fail

(May 1, 2008) There are different types of dams classified by the material and design used in construction. These differences influence how and why dams fail. A dam can be classified by its material, indicating whether it is earthen or concrete. Dam components can also include iron, steel or timber or a combination of any of the above.

Establishment of Zigui GPS-CR Landslide Monitoring Network in the Three Gorge reservoir area

(April 26, 2008) To apply INSAR observation technique to the Three Gorge Reservoir’s landslide monitoring, we’ve installed 10 corner reflectors on the landslide within Zigui county of the Three Gorge Reservoir area, meanwhile, set up GPS observation point, preliminarily forming GPS-CR landslide monitoring network. This paper of both INSAR observation technique and GPS observation technique in landslide monitoring researches.

Canadian government responds to Probe’s recommendation that it must take responsibility for role in disastrous Three Gorges Dam

(February 6, 2008) In an open letter to Canadian officials, Probe International called for the government to make amends for failing to warn the Chinese government that the project’s environmental risks would ultimately threaten the lives, property, and economic future of millions of people living along the Yangtze river.

Landslide death toll rises to 34

(December 3, 2007) The death toll in the landslide in central China’s Hubei Province last month has risen to at least 34, after searchers pulled out one more body from the debris early on Monday. The landslide caused an avalanche of about 3,000 cubic meters of rubble that buried a nearby construction site and a bus travelling on State Highway 318, Xinhua reported.

Residents fear China’s Three Gorges dam

(November 27, 2007) Residents in the Three Gorges dam reservoir area fear an increased risk of harm to the environment as a result of the dam’s impacts. One of the biggest concerns currently is that the reservoir’s seasonal water fluctuations have unsettled the delicate geology of the area and that this may escalate the risk of landslides and other dangers.