Category: Dams and Landslides

Three Gorges officials admit they can’t fill reservoir, for now

(November 16, 2009) Promises from the Chinese government that Three Gorges would be the world’s largest generator of reliable power seem to be evaporating before the project can be declared finished.

Three Dams Project

(July 14, 2009) China has undertaken the greatest project since the erection of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal — the Three Gorges Dam project. The Three Gorges Dam will be the largest hydropower station and dam in the world, with a 1.2 mile stretch of concrete and a 370 mile-long reservoir and 525 feet deep.

Killing mother nature with our green creed

(July 5, 2009) We in Britain are inclined to see the worst in massive state-driven projects, especially when these are promoted by governments that are undemocratic. We were right to be sceptical about the Soviet Union’s decision in the 1960s to divert rivers away from the Aral Sea, now largely a desert, and more recently about China’s Three Gorges Dam, which seems to be causing landslides, the displacement of millions of people and the extinction of the Yangtze River dolphin.