Category: Dams and Landslides

China’s Wen returns to quake zone as sheltering crisis looms

(May 22, 2008) The threat of flooding from blocked rivers is of increasing concern as Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao returns to Sichuan province, reports Bloomberg.

Rain threatens China relief efforts

(May 21, 2008) The China Meteorological Administration has warned of a high risk of further landslides caused by aftershocks and heavy rain. There are fears that this could put pressure on dams and reservoirs in the disaster zone.

China’s deadly earthquake: Was the Three Gorges reservoir a trigger?

(May 14, 2008) The world’s earthquake experts have identified tectonic plate movements as the cause of this week’s earthquake in southwestern China. But the question now is did the filling of the massive Three Gorges reservoir, which reaches the southeastern part of the Sichuan Basin, trigger seismic activity in what has always been an earthquake-prone region? 

How Dams Fail

(May 1, 2008) There are different types of dams classified by the material and design used in construction. These differences influence how and why dams fail. A dam can be classified by its material, indicating whether it is earthen or concrete. Dam components can also include iron, steel or timber or a combination of any of the above.

Establishment of Zigui GPS-CR Landslide Monitoring Network in the Three Gorge reservoir area

(April 26, 2008) To apply INSAR observation technique to the Three Gorge Reservoir’s landslide monitoring, we’ve installed 10 corner reflectors on the landslide within Zigui county of the Three Gorge Reservoir area, meanwhile, set up GPS observation point, preliminarily forming GPS-CR landslide monitoring network. This paper of both INSAR observation technique and GPS observation technique in landslide monitoring researches.