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Who is behind China’s Three Gorges Dam

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China’s power sector revolution stalled
(October 14, 2010) Probe International’s Brady Yauch provides a historical look at stalled reforms in China’s electricity sector. Continue reading →
“Fill a lake, start an earthquake”: Damming and Reservoir-Induced Seismicity
(April 4, 2000) A paper by Heather Gingerich, a medical geologist who specializes in hydrogeochemistry and the director of the Canadian chapter of the International Medical Geology Association, detailing evidence in support of reservoir-induced seismicity RIS as a distinct geophysical phenomenon causally related to reservoir impoundment. Continue reading →
Ship lift at Three Gorges Dam, China — design of steel structures
The vertical ship lift at the Three Gorges Dam in China will consist of a reinforced concrete structure with an internal steel ship chamber. The chamber will be a self-supporting orthotropic plate structure, continuously suspended from ropes with counterweights. Its components, such as segment gates, drive, horizontal guiding systems in the longitudinal and transverse directions plus locking and safety mechanisms are described here. A special procedure for reducing the tolerances of the steel components embedded in the reinforced concrete structure is explained. Continue reading →
The Three Gorges Project: Development and Environmental Issues
The following is a study produced by Dr. Shu Gao of Nanjing University.  It provides background on the history of the Three Gorges Dam project, and the resulting environmental issues. Continue reading
Tackling the growing problem of sedimentation
Worldwide experts will convene in South Africa in September 2010. At the top of their agenda is the growing problem of river sedimentation. Professor Gerrit Basson explains why tackling this issue is of great importance to the dams industry. Continue reading →

International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) Guidelines
The International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) is a non-governmental International Organization which provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience in dam engineering. ICOLD publishes bulletins related to specific aspects of dam design and safety, including guidelines that are concerned with seismic aspects of dams, available on their website.