The River Dragon Has Come!

By Dai Qing

The River Dragon Has Come! is another monumental work by the courageous Chinese writer Dai Qing. It tells the story of how government officials and dam boosters are manipulating common sense, economics, and politics to promote the world’s largest dam project, the Three Gorges dam. Echoing the cry of a witness to the 1975 collapse of the Banqiao and Shimantan Dams in 1975 which killed thousands, The River Dragon Has Come! warns that a dam collapse at Three Gorges would cause a man-made disaster of unprecedented proportions. The River Dragon has Come! is a follow-up to Dai Qing’s 1989 ground-breaking Yangtze! Yangtze!.

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Title Page


About the Editors and Contributors


Foreward. The River Dragon Has Come!

Chapter 1. The Three Gorges Project: A Symbol of Uncontrolled Development in the Late Twentieth Century

Chapter 2. A Profile of Dams in China

Chapter 3. The World’s Most Catastrophic Dam Failures: The August 1975 Collapse of the Banqiao and Shimantan Dams

Chapter 4. Discussing Population Resettlement with Li Boning, General Plan for Population Resettlement, Is Developing Ressettlement Possible?

Chapter 5. The Environmental Impacts of Ressetltlement in the Three Gorges Project

Chapter 6. What Are the Three Gorges Resettlers Thinking?

Chapter 7. A Survey of Resettlement in Badong County, Hubei Province

Chapter 8. Resettlement in the Xin’an River Power Station Project

Chapter 9. The Danger to Historical Relics and Cultural Antiquities in and around the Three Gorges Area: Interviews with the Director of National History Museum of China, Yu Weichao

Chapter 10. A Lamentation for the Yellow River. The Three Gate Gorge Dam (Sanmenxia)

Chapter 11. Water Pollution in the Three Gorges Reservoir

Chapter 12. Military Perspectives on the Three Gorges Project

Epilogue: The New Golden Triangle of China

Appendix A: Acknowledgements from “General Plan for Population Resettlement“

Appendix B: Sediment Problems at the Three Gorges Dam

Appendix C: The Three Gorges Dam and the Fate of China`s Southern Heritage

Appendix D: Priority-Level Cultural Antiquities in the Three Gorges Area

Appendix E: Archeological Sites to Be Inundated in 1997 by the Construction of the Three Gorges Dam

Appendix F: Letter to Jiang Zemin Concerning Archeological Sites

Biographic Glossary


PRESS RELEASE The River Dragon has come!

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