Dams and Landslides

Movement of the Shuping landslide in the first four years after the initial impoundment of the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir, China

(June 5, 2008) The Shuping landslide was reactivated by the initial impoundment of the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir, China in June 2003.

For purposes of landslide disaster mitigation in the reservoir area and identification of landslide movement and deformation caused by reservoir level changes, a monitoring system mainly consisting of drum-style extensometers was installed in the eastern part of the Shuping landslide. Systematic monitoring was started in August 2004 with installation of 13 extensometers above the waterline after the initial impoundment. In August 2006, 11 more drum-style extensometers were installed above the high waterline (175 m) and five flexible extensometers were installed along a longitudinal section in the elongation to low waterline. In this paper, the monitoring results from August 2004 to July 2007 are presented and the deforming of the Shuping landslide caused by both reservoir level changes and rainfall is examined.

Fawu Wang et al., Landslides, Volume 5, Number 3, 321-329

An article preview can be seen here [PDF]

Read full article here [PDF]

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