Dams and Landslides

Chinese dams in danger of collapse

May 27, 2008

As many as 2,830 reservoirs nationwide have been damaged by the earthquake.

In Sichuan province, 69 dams are in danger of collapse, 310 have been deemed high risk, and 1,424 pose a moderate risk. The reservoirs of the 69 badly damaged dams have already been emptied and the water levels of a further 862 reservoirs have been lowered in an effort to ensure that they are safe.

E Jingping, vice-minister of the Ministry of Water Resources (national level), said at the State Council’s news conference that 35 landslide-dammed lakes (barrier lakes) have been discovered nationwide — 34 out of the 35 barrier dams are in Sichuan–putting 700,000 people in danger.

Of greatest concern is the Tangjiashan lake, the largest of the 34 barrier dams in Sichaun, whose water level rose to 723 metres, only 29 metres below the lowest part of the barrier, reports Xinhua.

160,000 people have been evacuated from the threatened valley and soldiers are using explosives and heavy earth-moving equipment to create a 200-yard channel to drain the water, reports China Daily.

803 hydro-power stations were damaged nationwide by the earthquake — 481 in Sichuan and nine along the upper Min valley upstream of the Zipingpu dam.

A 996.4 km system of dykes was damaged nationwide (686.71 km in Sichuan.)

49,949 water supply facilities in rural areas were damaged nationwide, impacting a total of 955,500 people –575,200 of those affected live in Sichuan.

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