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American firms appeal to Ex-Im bank to bankroll their exports to controversial Three Gorges dam

(November 29, 1995) American corporations have asked the United States Export-Import Bank to subsidize their exports to the controversial Three Gorges dam in China and Ex-Im has asked environmental and human rights groups for financial, technical and environmental information to help it decide whether or not to do so.

A troubling deposit at World Bank

(November 25, 1995) For 5O years government guarantees have allowed the World Bank and its sister development banks to amass the world’s riskiest loan portfolios. Three months ago, the weakest of these sisters, the African Development Bank, was downgraded. And now for the first time, the World Bank admits that many of its own loans can’t be paid back.

Evildoers sentenced for damaging Three Gorges project

A recent radio broadcast from China has reported that opponents of the massive Three Gorges dam were arrested in October and face up to 20 years in prison. The news report, from the Hubei People’s Broadcasting Station, calls the dissidents "evildoers" and accuses them of damaging power facilities, "indulging in swindling and robbery, hindering the performance of public affairs, provoking disputes and spreading obscene videotapes."

Spirit trap: The Mekong

(March 21, 1995) Before sunrise the men have collected the night’s catch from the large lee traps scaffolded over the rushing water. Women sit gutting and chopping the silver-white fish, to get them ready for smoking. ‘Not a great catch, but good enough,’ says one man, placing his fish on the scales. ‘Last season, one of these traps caught over a ton of fish in just one night.