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PRESS RELEASE The River Dragon has come!

(November 3, 1997) As officials prepare to divert China’s mighty Yangtze River to build the world’s largest dam, Chinese journalist Dai Qing is releasing a new book of critical essays about the controversial Three Gorges project. The River Dragon Has Come! is a stern warning to China’s leaders from prominent Chinese intellectuals, engineers, and journalists about the dam’s potentially disastrous effects on China’s economy, people, and venerable Yangtze River.

Probe Alert October 1997

For more than a quarter of a century, Canadian mining giant Placer Dome has mined copper on Marinduque Island in the Philippines through its 40%-owned subsidaiary, the Marcopper Mining Corporation. Marcopper’s operations have brought environmental harm and hardship to many Marinduque communities, a legacy that culminated last year in a major environmental disaster.

October 1997 Campaign Letter

In September, at the urging of the federal government, a group of Canadian companies voluntarily agreed to follow a new International Code of Ethics in their overseas activities. Though not legally binding, their attempt to raise corporate standards when it comes to human rights, the environment and corruption, endorses our belief that good ethics is good business.