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NO NUKES ASIA FORUM: Towards a Sustainable Energy Alternative for the 21st Century

(October 27, 1998) We realize that citizens of the industrialized world have been disillusioned by nuclear power and are successfully rejecting it, and that the industry is dying in most of those countries. It is this vanishing domestic market which has recently driven nuclear interests to step-up their sales pitch to Asian countries.

China’s great leap backward

(September 21, 1998) The tragedy of the Three Gorges dam goes beyond the nearly two million people who will be resettled from their homes, villages, farms, temples, and work places to make way for it, beyond the 1,300 sites of cultural antiquities and the 100,000 hectares of precious farmland that will be submerged forever under the 600 kilometre long reservoir, and beyond the rare species that it will likely render extinct. Ironically, the tragedy created by the Three Gorges will also extend to the economy and its electricity sector – the chief justification for building the dam.