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Reservoir-induced seismicity in China

(1998) A review of case histories of reservoir-induced seismicity (RIS) in China shows that it mainly occurs in granitic and karst terranes. Seismicity in granitic terranes is mainly associated with pore pressure diffusion whereas in karst terranes the chemical effect of water appears to play a major role in triggering RIS. In view of the characteristic features of RIS in China, we can expect moderate earthquakes to be induced by the construction of the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River.

Three Gorges Madness: An Interview with Dai Qing

(December 24, 1997) The Daughter of a revolutionary martyr, a former missile technician and one-time intelligence agent, Dai Qing is China’s foremost investigative reporter. Dai Qing first criticized China’s Three Gorges dam project in the Chinese daily press, and compiled and edited Yangtze!, Yangtze!, a collection of essays by prominent Chinese intellectuals opposed to the dam, in 1989.

Privatization of Thailand’s Power Sector Squashes Competition, Protects Private Sector Cronies

(November 20, 1997) A study released this week by Probe International, a division of Canada’s Energy Probe Research Foundation, says that privatization of Thailand’s electric utility (EGAT) is plagued by half-measures that protect EGAT’s monopoly and its private sector cronies at the expense of Thai consumers. Without effective reform, the study warns, consumers will have to pay more for electricity.

PRESS RELEASE The River Dragon has come!

(November 3, 1997) As officials prepare to divert China’s mighty Yangtze River to build the world’s largest dam, Chinese journalist Dai Qing is releasing a new book of critical essays about the controversial Three Gorges project. The River Dragon Has Come! is a stern warning to China’s leaders from prominent Chinese intellectuals, engineers, and journalists about the dam’s potentially disastrous effects on China’s economy, people, and venerable Yangtze River.