Letters to the Editor: Brown-Graham rallies to EDC’s aid

National Post
June 6, 2000

The author defends the EDC, citing its “consistent profit-generating” history.

Please see the original article The secret of EDC’s ‘success’.

I have to admit that I enjoyed reading some of Patricia Adams’ clever quips But I’m puzzled: As a taxpayer, what exactly is it that I should be concerned about? That my taxes have been used to help support Canadian success?

Ms. Adams’ main argument seems to be this: EDC takes on more risk than the private sector. But isn’t this their job — to fulfill a need not currently being met by the private sector?

Her secondary argument seems to be this: EDC poses a risk to the Canadian taxpayer. As a taxpayer, I refuse to fall into this scare tactic that EDC’s activities put me at risk. How can they, when they consistently generate profit?

I can only conclude that EDC is indeed a “Canadian success story.” The only way to shine a different light on EDC, it seems, is by twisting the facts.

Damien Brown-Graham, Manotick, Ont.

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