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Flying in the face of the WTO

(May 26, 2000) Before anybody gloats too much about Canada’s recent "victory" over Brazil in the matter of aircraft subsidies, it might be wise to reflect that little has changed for the main victims of the Liberals’ reflexive urge to meddle in trade and industry — us.

Take my loan, please

(May 15, 2000) Canadian policy-makers have a curious tendency to think hybrid public-private organizations offer the best of all possible worlds: the efficiency of the private sector and the financial muscle of government working smoothly to further the public interest.

EDC formed alliance with London Guarantee

(May 12, 2000) Once again the Citizen has drawn erroneous conclusions about the Export Development Corporation’s actions, this time with respect to the alliance we have forged with London Guarantee ("Firm with ties to Chretien lands untendered EDC deal," May 9). This continues the pattern of unbalanced and distorted reporting that has characterized the Citizen’s coverage of EDC over the preceding weeks.