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Guardians of South American Rainforest Charge Canada with Destroying It

(February 1, 2000) In the last remaining tropical rainforest of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, the Embera Katio indigenous people are fighting for their survival and for compensation for the destruction of their rainforest. The Urrá dam, built in part with financing from Canada’s Export Development Corporation, is the cause of their woes.

EDC is buying off its opponents public-private collusion to create export cartel

(November 18, 1999) In 1993, the federal government greatly expanded the powers of the Export Development Corp. by allowing it to move into the private sector’s turf and finance Canadian firms’ activity in Canada. As a sop to the banking and insurance industries, which cried foul upon learning that they would soon face unfair competition from this Crown corporation, the government promised to review the new EDC legislation five years hence. That review, conducted by the law firm of Gowling Strathy & Henderson and now before the standing committee on foreign affairs and international trade, fails utterly to address EDC’s fundamental problems.