Category: Rule of Law

Trampled under the foot of development: Chinese citizens fight for fair compensation

(June 4, 2010) Chinese citizens being forcefully evicted from their homes are continuing their fight to receive fair compensation from developers and local officials. A month after homeowners were pushed from their homes to make way for the Pubugou dam reservoir in China’s Sichuan province, 700 homeowners in Beijing’s Laogucheng neighbourhood are refusing to leave—even as they face assaults by window-smashing thugs—until they receive fair compensation from a powerful developer.

Liu Xiaobo’ conviction killed the constitution, Bao Tong says

(February 16, 2010) It is a great pity that the government seems not to want progress; that it seems to have given up trying. The Chinese Constitution and the rights of its citizens have been recklessly trampled by the one-party system. There is no end to the number of cases of injustice, or miscarriages of justice that this system churns out. The case of Liu Xiaobo is just the latest warning sign.

Audit finds widespread irregularities

(February 12, 2007) Government auditors have discovered 280 billion yuan (US$36 billion) in accounting "irregularities" in companies and government departments across the country. The problems were found after checking the books of more than 137,000 organizations last year, the National Audit Office said on its Website yesterday, quoting a speech by chief Li Jinhua.