Category: Rule of Law

Land seizures threaten social stability, warns China’s leader

(March 3, 2002) A day after the government released statistics showing an average of more than 230 demonstrations every day last year, state media published a grim warning from the prime minister, who is struggling to curb local governments’ land-grabbing instincts.


Top editors dismissed from daring newspaper

(June 11, 2001) The Financial Times of London and South China Morning Postreport that China’s censors have launched a clampdown on press freedoms, revealing insecurities among the country’s ruling elite threatened by rampant corruption and rural strife. The cause of their sensitivity seems to be a combination of an increasingly lively and emboldened state media, and the approaching 80th Communist Party anniversary, on July 1.

Green regulation punishes misconduct

(May 19, 2001) Environmental watchdogs in China who abuse their authority will be punished under a special regulation that took effect yesterday. The provisional form of the regulation, China’s first on disciplining dereliction of duty, was released yesterday by the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) and the Ministry of Supervision.