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Acres found guilty of bribery African court ruling is warning for foreign firms

(September 18, 2002) "What Lesotho has said is that it takes two to tango . . . [Now] businesses will look at Lesotho and say, ‘We don’t have to engage in criminal activities in order to get contracts. We prefer to do business in countries like that’," said Patricia Adams.

The Canadian challenge

(July 19, 2002) Acres International responds to Probe International’s June 27, article, "The Canadian connection." Acres’ says its case highlights the risks Canadian companies face in developing countries, and the need to ensure they receive due process.

Big business

(July 6, 2002) The Lesotho Highlands water project is the largest civil engineering feat in Africa. It involves building five dams in the tiny kingdom’s Maluti Highlands over 30 years at an estimated cost of $8bn [about pounds 5.2bn].