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Lesotho court fines Acres: Oakville firm hit with $3.5 million bribery penalty

(October 29, 2002) I think the judge is sending a clear message to other companies that bribery doesn’t pay," said Patricia Adams, executive director of Probe International, a Toronto-based organization that monitors Canada’s aid and trade. "With tough penalties like this, companies will get the message that it’s not worth it.

Firm faces fine for bribery in Lesotho as UN prepares Convention on Corruption

(October 28, 2002) Maseru, the sleepy capital of an African mountain kingdom, seems an unlikely theatre for an unfolding bribery scandal involving Western multinationals —among them Canada’s Acres International Ltd.— that has rocked the global construction industry, reports the Globe and Mail (Canada). The Oakville, Ontario-based engineering firm, convicted last month of bribing the former head of one of Africa’s biggest water projects in return for contracts worth $21 million, was in Lesotho High Court on Monday for sentencing.

Acres vows appeal

(October 28, 2002) Acres International Ltd. said Monday it was "disturbed and dismayed" by a $2.2-million (U.S.) fine levelled by a Lesotho trial judge following a bribery conviction in a major African water project and vowed to appeal both the court’s verdict and sentence.