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Acres loses appeal on bribery charge in Lesotho

(August 18, 2003) Canadian engineering firm Acres International Ltd. lost an appeal against conviction on a charge of bribery in a high-profile corruption case in Lesotho on Friday – but won its fight against a second graft conviction and had a whopping fine of $4.2-million reduced to $2.8-million.

Corruption busting

(January 24, 2003) The multibillion-rand Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP), which transfers huge quantities of water from the rugged peaks of the Mountain Kingdom to the industrial heartland of South Africa, has always fitted the current stereotype of large dams – that they are massive, expensive and, environmental campaigners would say, destructive.

Court suspends bribery fine

(December 13, 2002) The president of the Court of Appeal, Mr Justice Jan Steyn, sitting with two other appeal court judges, allowed suspension of payment of the fine imposed by the Lesotho High Court pending the outcome of an appeal by Acres International against conviction and sentence for bribery.