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China tightens its grip over which journalists can report news online

It’s World Press Freedom Day and in China that means more restrictions have been announced.

New rules were announced one day ahead of World Press Freedom Day. Now only CPC approved staff can manage online media plaforms, their staff must obtain training and credentials from the central government, and Chinese news outlets looking to partner with foreigners or their money must be assessed by the State Internet Information office first. Disasters still require government permission before newspapers can report them, and now online providers need an official green light to cover calamities too.

By Yvette Tan for Mashable

China has tightened its grip on online news outlets, while the rest of the world celebrates World Press Freedom Day.

According to the country’s new rules, released by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), online media platforms can only be managed by editorial staff who have been approved by the Communist government.
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  1. It’s one thing to tighten grips on journalists reporting in China, but the next thing to come is especially frightening, i.e. beheading them, like they do in Saudi Arabia.

    • May I just add another point – Banning of women to drive motorized vehicles is in what country? Not China! In good old Saudi Arabia again! And what country is bombing its neighbour, Yemen, one of the poorest in the world which has not invaded or attacked another country in recorded history – Saudi Arabia again! Who has China attacked in recent decades (since the overthrow of Chung Kai Chek). No one that I’m aware of. Should not such criteria be employed before condemning a country that has sought to act peacefully with other nations around the world?

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