The U.S. keeps a list of trade beefs with Canada – and booze, property rights and Can-con are all on it

There is a hefty document published each year listing foreign trade policies the U.S. either doesn’t like, or that could pose a problem for U.S. exporters. So that begs the question: What Canadian trade policies annoy the U.S.?

There are at least two notable items that aren’t on that list: softwood lumber and energy.

By Drew Hasselback for the National Post

Trade relations between Canada and the U.S. are in a rocky patch.

Just look at this past week alone. The U.S. imposed stiff tariffs on Canadian lumber shipments. U.S. President Donald Trump says he came close to signing an order to terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement. And last Tuesday, Sen. Jon Tester (Dem-Montana) introduced a Senate resolution that would ask Trump to examine whether Canada unfairly interferes with U.S. wheat shipments.

You might well ask, what’s next? And you might wonder: If only there was a handy list of all the issues that could erupt between the world’s largest bilateral trading partners.

There is.
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