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Meng extradition hearing has drawn close scrutiny from advocates for human rights and judicial reform in China

Canada must use Meng Wanzhou’s fight against extradition to the U.S. to send a clear message to China, and not the wrong one.

The real winner out of Meng Wanzhou’s hearing? Canada’s rule of law

The son and daughter of one of China’s most famous pro-democracy activists applaud the freedom Meng Wanzhou enjoys in Canada to make her case in court. Canada, they say, must use the opportunity to celebrate “the principles that animate those proceedings at every possible opportunity.”

Deng Xiaoping in 1989

On the 30th anniversary of Beijing’s June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square massacre, Probe International Fellow, environmental activist and China’s best-known investigative journalist, Dai Qing, delves deeper into the events leading up to and following the shocking and brutal crackdown that rocked a country on the brink of massive political reform and social change. A book that works as a retrospective documentary in affect, Deng Xiaoping in 1989 challenges the black-and-white dichotomies of “autocracy vs. democracy” and “government vs. students,” including correspondence from military generals who opposed the crackdown, soldiers’ experiences and eyewitness accounts of the “Tank Man,” the unidentified protester who stared down a column of tanks rolling through Tiananmen Square the morning after troops had opened fire on thousands of civilians – an iconic image of resistance since immortalized as a global symbol of pro-democracy protest.

Solid as a rock

Ensuring public stability has become even more of a priority for President Xi Jinping in the sensitive lead-up time to the CPC Central Committee’s 19th Party Congress scheduled for later this year. Law enforcement and local officials must guard against potential threats as never before, including the threat of disaster. A 7.0-magnitude earthquake in southwest China’s Sichuan province earlier this month saw “earthquake rumours” added to the growing list of bans in recent weeks.