China "Going Out"

Trudeau’s Human Rights Compromise

Join us Tuesday, October 11, at 8 PM. Patricia Adams of Probe International will discuss how the Trudeau administration’s willingness to extradite Canadian residents to China will embolden the Chinese government in their widespread crackdown on China’s civil society.


Our upcoming Grounds for Thought event is one of NOW magazine’s top three political events for October. Probe International’s Patricia Adams is pictured.

Just when G20 countries need to stand up to Beijing’s crackdown on civil society more than ever as respect for human rights and rule of law continue to deteriorate under Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Trudeau government recently announced it is in talks with the Chinese government over a possible extradition treaty between China and Canada. Given China’s lack of due process, use of the death penalty and torture, this news has prompted grave concern.

Last week, a report by the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) identified a broad corrosion of freedoms under Xi, and noted that:

“Xi has overseen a deterioration in human-rights and rule of law conditions in China marked by greater consolidation of his own power — leading some analysts to draw comparisons to Mao Zedong — through forced ideological conformity and the systematic persecution of human rights lawyers and defenders.” [See: Five Ways China Has Become More Repressive Under President Xi Jinping]

And it’s no secret that our prime minister is a fan of China’s “basic dictatorship” system — remember when he praised it as some sort of green action model in 2013?

Concerned? We should be!

Join us Tuesday, October 11, at the Green Beanery cafe-roastery’s Grounds for Thought event night for a discussion on the impacts of a potential treaty deal between Canada and China led by Patricia Adams, the executive director of Probe International.

Probe International is a long-time monitor of China. See below for further background reading recommendations.

Trudeau’s Human Rights Compromise

Tuesday, October 11 @ 8 pm

Canada’s willingness to extradite Canadian residents to China, a country without the rule of law, will embolden China’s rulers and chill democratic dissent, explains Patricia Adams, executive director of Probe International. Hosted by David Cayley (CBC Ideas).

Free admission — and a free cup of coffee! Enjoy spirited conversation in our pre-event period: $5 wine and beer  from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Venue: Green Beanery, 565 Bloor St. West (at Bathurst), Toronto, M5S 1Y6

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