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Yangtze River pollution at dangerous levels

(January 17, 2002) A new report raises fresh concerns about the potential health risks of the massive Three Gorges Dam. Critics of the project fear clean-up funds allocated by the Chinese government will not be enough. Canadian environmental group Probe International says in 2000, Chinese academics pleaded for $37 billion for environmental projects relating to the dam’s construction.

Witnesses to a crisis

A generation that helped build dams across China and clear its land for Mao Zedong’s revolution, has stopped to examine the environmental consequences of past actions. Highlighted in this report for the Far Eastern Economic Review, academics Lin Pei and Shen Zhaoli say a feat of social engineering unparalleled in human history and several hundred years is needed to reverse the damage done. But the report cautions, criticizing the government too harshly can lead to jail, as opponents of the country’s Three Gorges dam have discovered.