China's Dams

Yangtze/Jinsha dams: Fact box

March 21, 2006

Information on just a few of the scores of dams planned for the Yangtze and Jinsha (as the upper Yangtze is called).

Yangtze/Jinsha dams: Fact box
Above: Three Gorges dam on the Yangtze
YANGTZE: Two dams currently span the river.
Plans for two more have just been announced
Dam Location Size (GW) Status
Gezhouba Hubei 2.7 built
Three Gorges Hubei 18.2 under construction/
being commissioned
Zhuyangxi Chongqing 3 proposed
Xiaonanhai Chongqing 1 proposed
JINSHA: Below, five of the more than 20 large dams
planned for the Jinsha (as the Yangtze is called upstream of Chongqing
Dam Location Size (GW) Status
Xiluodu Sichuan/Yunnan 12.6 under construction
Xiangjiaba Sichuan/Yunnan 6 under construction
Baihetan Sichuan/Yunnan 12.5 site preparation
Wudongde Sichuan/Yunnan 7.4 site preparation
(Tiger Leaping Gorge)
Yunnan 2.8 designed

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