Category: China Energy Industry

Sichuan drought could pull plug in Chengdu

(March 31, 2006) The extreme lack of water, due to a drought in Sichuan province, has seriously affected the ability to generate power. The province has prepared its last remaining backup coal-fueled generator as the power grid strains to supply electricity.

Power ploys

(March 15, 2006) Investors are hoping China’s big generating companies will be able to grow bigger in a restructuring which is believed to be imminent. By 2008, the largest grid is expected to be in operation, centred on the Three Gorges Dam.

China’s thirst for energy

(December 6, 2000) China’s environmental degradation from its rapid, no-holds barred industrialisation has reached the point where it is now interfering with future growth. Bodies such as the World Bank have estimated that the cost of environmental pollution is equivalent to several percentage points of GDP.

Plans call for energy efficiency

(January 3, 2000) Plans have been launched to make both residential and office buildings more energy efficient. In the first five months of the year, industrial policymakers announced three sets of new national standards. They are regulations on energy saving for civil buildings, standards for residential buildings and technical evaluations of residential constructions.