Category: Aid to Africa

Grand Inga Dam: Another white elephant for the DR Congo

(November 21, 2011) An article in the Daily Maverick argues that the proposed Grand Inga Dam in the DR Congo is a “beautiful vision” that would “fix Africa” by “lighting up the heart of darkness”, powering African industries and forcing countries to rely on each other.

Africa’s stolen medicine

(January 27, 2011) In Geneva on Wednesday, Stephen Harper predicted that the $40-billion United Nations initiative on maternal care will create a “wave of hope” across the developing world. No one doubts that hope is desperately needed. In Canada, a woman’s lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth is one in 5,600. In Niger, it’s one in 16.

Moyo: international aid to Africa spurs corruption

(April 2, 2010) Billions of dollars in international financial aid do more harm than good on the African continent, economist and best-selling author Dambisa Moyo said in a lecture to students on Thursday. In the lecture, held in Filene Auditorium, Moyo argued that continued financial aid to African nations allows political leaders to ignore their responsibilities to the population in favor of appeals to potential donors.

Anti-rape funds in Congo wasted: critics

(March 14, 2010) Since 2006, Canada has poured $15-million in government money into a massive foreign campaign against the sexual violence in Congo. But Ms. Bihamba, who as leader of a women’s group spent lonely years speaking out against the problem, is now one of a growing number of skeptics who question whether this money is achieving its goals.