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HidroAysan rechaza denuncia por concesiones mineras

(April 23, 2009) La eléctrica dijo que la firma que trabaja en la línea de transmisión hizo las solicitudes como medida de precaución.


Sen. Navarro calls for nationalization of Chile’s water

(March 5, 2009) Behind Chile’s controversial plans to further dam the rivers of its ecologically delicate Patagonia region, which may soon be partially funded by the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), the Chilean government must first settle a growing debate over who actually controls Patagonia’s rivers. A number of companies were granted legal rights to Patagonia’s rivers during the final years of the infamous Pinochet regime, and the current plan is to build five large dams in the region. Now, the people of Patagonia want control of their rivers back.

Patagonia Dams – Horseback Protest in Chile

(February 11, 2009) We had just landed after a 45 minute flight on LAN Chile from Puerto Montt at the Balmaceda airport outside the city of Coyhaique in the Patagonia. We were riding in an airport shuttle to central Coyhaique when we came around a bend to find a police car following a long line of horses. This was the Patagonia sin Represas horseback protest that has been making its way across the Patagonia for several weeks in an attempt to draw national and international attention to the proposed Dams that will be built in Southern Chile.

SNC-Lavalin official arraigned in ‘Lavalingate’ – Indian hydro dam scandal: Export Development Canada provided funding

(February 5, 2009) According to recent Indian press reports, the country’s Central Bureau of Investigation has arraigned Claus Trendl, a senior vice president with Canada’s SNC-Lavalin, for the engineering giant’s role in a contract to overhaul three hydro-electric dams in the southwestern state of Kerala. It is alleged that irregularities occurred in the awarding of the contract and that Lavalin benefited from undue favour.

Columbia geophysical hazards scientist says evidence shows dam reservoir likely triggered China’s great quake of 2008

(January 26, 2009) Christian Klose, a geophysical hazards research scientist from Columbia University in New York, says geophysical data suggests that the Zipingpu dam reservoir — just a few kilometers from the epicenter of China’s great quake of 2008 — likely triggered the deadly quake and explains how it happened.

The aid industry in Nepal — large budgets, large problems

(November 26, 2008) The Asian Development Bank, Chinese banks, and Indian firms are using foreign aid to build a mega-dam in Nepal where experts say an earthquake is likely. Nepal’s Federation of Water and Energy Users says the decision bypassed Parliament, violates the constitution and the human rights of Nepalese. Meanwhile, local micro-hydro operators are churning out cheaper, reliable, aid-free power.