Canada Pension Plan

Probe International urges CPP to release details of Patagonia Investments

Probe International
February 28, 2009

In a letter sent on February 28 to David Denison, President of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) investment board, Probe International Executive Director Patricia Adams has called on the CPP to provide more information on investments it has made on behalf of all working Canadians in Chile’s main electricity provider, Transelec. While the country’s electricity utility is planning to dam two major rivers of Chile’s ecologically fragile Patagonia region, Translelec is considering building the world’s longest power transmission corridor to connect the dams to Chile’s major power markets in the north. The plan poses several risks, both environmental and economic in nature, and Adams urges the CPP to “scrap the plan in favour of more competitive and environmentally sound power sources.”

Read a copy of Patricia Adams’ letter to CPP

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