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A Saturday morning call

(February 12, 1991) Beijing – The telephone call from an agitated Chinese woman came at 9:30 Saturday morning, November 16. At that moment, 3 miles away in the Great Hall at Tiananmen Square, Secretary of State James Baker was sitting down to talk about human rights with China’s prime minister, Li Peng, and 7,500 miles away in Washington D.C., the Senate was passing a unanimous resolution on deploring China’s mistreatment of journalists in general and one in particular: an outspoken ex-political prisoner, 50 year old Dai Qing.

1991 Campaign Letter

For years ago, Canadian government officials went to Thailand and – according to documents we obtained through Access to Information laws – made a secret deal with the Tai government: Let Canadian taxpayers give you a free food irradiator, using foreign aid funds, the officials said, and we will promise to import your irradiated food into Canada.