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Canada must let public know how it votes on World Bank loan

(March 9, 1989) The Canadian public has no right to know how Canada will be voting on a controversial, $500 million US loan to Brazil that will speed rainforest destruction, according to Michael Wilson, Canada’s governor to the World Bank, in a recent letter to Probe International.

Great Britain v. Costa Rica

(October 18, 1988) Held: (a) In respect of the Banking Transactions: That the Costa Rican Law of Nullities, which in effect relieved Costa Rica of any obligations in respect of these transactions, did not constitute an international wrong. The transactions in question, which in themselves did not constitute transactions of an ordinary nature and which were ” full of irregularities,” were made at a time when the popularity of the Tinoco Government had disappeared, and when the political and military movement aiming at the overthrow of that Government was gaining strength.