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Subsidies to Canadian corporations are fueling the Third World’s debt and destroying its environment

(March 21, 1990) It contributes to the Third World’s debt and to the destruction of the Third World’s environment. It provides handouts to Canadian corporations, and administers a muti-billion dollar federal government pot called the “Canada Account,” which provides still more handouts and contributes to our own deficit. It acts so irresponsibly that Kenneth Dye, Canada’s Auditor General, rebuked it for misleading the public by failing to follow “generally accepted accounting principles.”

1990 Campaign Letter

Most Canadians haven’t heard of the Three Gorges Dam in China, but in all likelihood this proposed dam on the Yangstze River will soon become a household term, not through praise and the largest dam in the world, but due to the notoriety and disgrace it could bring Canada. We have been loved and admired by the Chinese since the days of Dr. Norman Bethune, but that admiration could turn to contempt if the Three Gorges dam is built.