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An engineer-activist who battles megadevelopment

From Time’s special report A New Generation of Leaders, "…highlighting 25 youthful achievers who have already made important marks in their disparate fields–marks just as likely to be recognized abroad as at home. We consider them to be intriguing, illuminating and sometimes provocative representatives of the talent that is being unleashed by change. These are particularly extraordinary individuals…"

ABB wins US$ 112-million order for China’s Three Gorges project

Switzerland–ABB, the global technology and engineering company, has been awarded a contract to deliver advanced high-voltage switchgear for the Three Gorges hydro power station in China. The US$ 112-million contract – the third order ABB has won for this major power infrastructure project – was awarded by the China Yangtze Three Gorges Project Development Corporation. Construction is scheduled to begin in the year 2001 and to be completed in 2004.