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500,000 people to be affected by Yunnan hydropower development in the next 15 years

(January 25, 2000) According to the 22nd meeting of the Standing Committee of Yunnan People’s Congress, starting from this year, Yunnan Province will have to move an average of 40,000 people every year to pave the way for hydropower development, which is equivalent to the total figure of dam migrants in the past 50 years.

China’s official media reports Three Gorges dam investment and resettlement figures

(January 18, 2000) China News Agency reported on January 12 that the Three Gorges dam has cost the Chinese government $5.65 billion (all figures in U.S. dollars) since construction began in 1993. The news agency also reports that this year the government plans to invest another $1.57 billion in the $30-billion dam, making 2000 the project’s peak investment year thus far. The $1.57-billion investment is assured according to a quote from a leader of China’s Three Gorges Project Corporation, the dam’s sole contractor.

Plans call for energy efficiency

(January 3, 2000) Plans have been launched to make both residential and office buildings more energy efficient. In the first five months of the year, industrial policymakers announced three sets of new national standards. They are regulations on energy saving for civil buildings, standards for residential buildings and technical evaluations of residential constructions.