Three Gorges Probe

Three Gorges Probe – Work resumes; rumours of embezzling

Three Gorges Probe

October 24, 2000

(1) Work at Three Gorges dam resumes

(2) Victim’s widow claims US$420,000 compensation for husband’s death at Three Gorges dam site

(3) Ministry of Water Resources accused of embezzling US$50-million

(1) Work at Three Gorges dam resumes
Oct. 17, 2000 — China Daily reports that a concrete conveyor involved in two serious accidents at the Three Gorges dam site is up and running again, after concrete pouring at the dam was temporarily suspended for repairs and an investigation. A Three Gorges machine operator died late last year while using the conveyor’s lift system, and on Sept. 3, 2000, three other construction workers died and 31 others were seriously injured in a second accident involving the machine. After opening an investigation, the Three Gorges Corporation urged U.S. supplier, Rotec Corporation, to fix the problems found in all four of its conveyors used on-site, and called on the organizations that have been doing concrete pouring at the dam to supervise the operation of the conveyer belt machines and teach workers about repair and safe operation of the equipment. Two roof belt conveyors, supplied jointly by Potain in France and Mitsubishi in Japan, have also been repaired.
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(2) Victim’s widow claims US$420,000 compensation for husband’s death at Three Gorges dam site
Oct. 10, 2000 — Guangzhou Daily and China Daily report that Ke Changli, an employee of the Gezhouba Group (the largest contractor for the Three Gorges dam), is suing Rotec Corporation for US$420,000 for supplying the concrete conveyor Ke Changli claims was responsible for her husband’s death late last year at the dam site. Ke Changli received US$7,250 in compensation after her husband, Ke Shanlin, a Three Gorges machine operator, died on Nov. 19, 1999, while using the Rotec conveyor’s lift system. Her lawyer, Deng Yiping, said the sum of money they were claiming in the lawsuit was calculated according to the regulations issued by the Supreme People’s Court in 1992 and relevant laws in the United States. According to a China News Service report on Sept. 15, 19 people have died so far this year in various Three Gorges dam-related accidents.

(3) Ministry of Water Resources accused of embezzling US$50-million
Sept. 20, 2000 — Central China Television, China’s official state television network, reports that the Ministry of Water Resources has spent up to US$50-million (400 million RMB) of government money earmarked for water conservancy construction programs on luxury cars, stock investments, and commercial office towers (which the Ministry intended to collect rent on). The massive fraud was uncovered as a result of an investigation, just completed, by China’s national auditor. The investigation was launched in 1998 after audit officials became suspicious about the construction of a 30-storey building in Beijing involving the Ministry. The Ministry of Water Resources is responsible for the financial planning and administration of the Three Gorges dam project.

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