by Lisa Peryman

Lianfang Street Standoff

A rare rupture in crowd control reveals the level of “zero-COVID” frustration in China.

By Lisa Peryman, Special Correspondent to Probe International

Hundreds, possibly thousands of residents in a central Chongqing compound took to the streets in protest over the weekend, demanding relief from China’s “zero-COVID” policy, ready to storm roadblocks as special police were called in to maintain control. 

Videos and photographs show residents of Lianfang Street in the Shapingba District of drought-fatigued Chongqing, gathered at a local traffic carousel on Saturday night (Aug. 27), in front of roadblocks that prevented entry in and out of their zone as part of a strict lockdown of the area. Residents complained the lockdown had remained in place despite the absence of even one case of COVID-19 in 10 consecutive days. 

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