China "Going Out"

WEBINAR: China’s draconian lockdown

Tune in to on Wednesday, January 26, at 8PM EST for a live discussion of what’s really going on in China. Probe International’s Patricia Adams is a featured guest along with Anders Corr and Stephen Yates.

Live Q&A Webinar: With New Lockdowns, Is the CCP Reaching a Breaking Point?

The Chinese regime is bringing back new lockdowns for an alleged new outbreak of the CCP virus. Videos have emerged of authorities welding shut the doors of housing complexes, locking people inside, and reports are increasingly emerging of people nearing starvation. The actions take place just ahead of the Beijing Olympics, and amid growing signs of an internal fight within the communist party leadership.

What’s really going on in China? What do the lockdowns show us, not just of the social impact, but of the “China Model” of governance itself; and what do the latest shifts in China and ruling regime mean for the world? Join host Joshua Philipp and guest speakers Patricia Adams, Anders Corr, and Stephen Yates as we explore these topics in this special online event.

Join the event: Jan. 26, 8:00 p.m. ET, on

Tune in:

Moderated by:

Joshua Philipp
Host of Crossroads, Senior Investigative Reporter at The Epoch Times

Distinguished Panelists:

Anders Corr, Ph.D
Publisher of Journal of Political Risk

Patricia Adams
Economist, Executive Director of Probe International

Stephen Yates
CEO, D.C. International Advisor

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