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If there is a new cold war, it’s at Beijing’s behest

The CCP has been this brazen for years, but there’s a tendency among Westerners to negate the ideology that’s at the heart of the regime.

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(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Shane Miller | The Epoch Times

Independent Sen. Yuen Pau Woo delivered a speech to the Canada-China Friendship Society in March in which he lamented the state of relations between the two countries. Causing him much anguish was the argument some have made that this is a cold war that would force Canada to choose between China or the United States.

“It is precisely that we are not in a cold war redux where it is easy to take sides that makes China policy so challenging,” he said.

But just as it was in the Cold War with the Soviet Union, a cold war has already been declared—and not by Washington. The regime in Beijing has been expressing its desire to go this route for quite some time.

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Shane Miller is a researcher for Probe International and freelance contributor to The Epoch Times.

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