China's Dams

China mulls new navigation channel in Three Gorges Dam area

Improving navigation conditions and increasing shipping capacity through the Three Gorges area along China’s famed Yangtze River was one of the chief reasons cited by proposals in favour of moving the project forward and remains one of its much-vaunted benefits since. In reality, bottlenecks and shipping delays have become routine from the get-go, however, despite construction of the largest shiplock in the world to help ease hold-ups.

The Chinese government is now considering a variety of options to cope with overwhelming demand from shipping traffic along the Yangtze River. China Times reports the Three Gorges Dam shiplock capacity can’t cope with current needs. Under consideration to ease the strain: the creation of a new navigation channel in the Three Gorges region; dredging the Yangtze to increase the dam’s navigation capacity, or providing alternative means of transportation.

To read the full story, see China mulls new navigation channel in Three Gorges Dam area” at the publisher’s website here.

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