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Hydropower projects speed up in Tibet

(February 28, 2011) Amanda Wu of China Tibet Online reports that Tibet is planning to spend $700 million on a new megadam project.

Currently, a number of key hydropower projects are being constructed in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet Daily reported.

In a bid to push forward its economic and social leap-forward development and long-term stability, Tibet recently formulated a medium- and long-term energy development plan to make detailed arrangements for the region’s energy construction.

The Phomdo Water Control Project mainly is aimed at irrigation and power generation with due attention to flood control and water supplies.

With a planned reservoir capacity of 1.23 billion cubic meters, the project will be able to irrigate an overall farmland area of 16,370 square kilometers, expected to produce 255 more tons of grain.

The construction of the Phomdo Project, with a total investment of about 4.57 billion yuan, is estimated to last 69 months.

Source: China Tibet Online

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