Dai Qing and the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony

Dai Qing to attend Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

(November 5, 2010) Visiting lecturer in Canada may be the sole invitee beyond China’s grasp.

At least one of the 140 invitees of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo’s wife, Liu Xia, will be present at the Nobel Award Ceremony to be held in Oslo December 10, despite the best efforts of the Chinese government to sabotage the event.

That guest—celebrated Chinese author and activist Dai Qing—announced to the world today that she will be in attendance if the Chinese government doesn’t release the winner or allow other invitees to attend. Apart from Ms. Dai, the other invitees—all of them Chinese citizens living in China—now appear to be under government surveillance.

Several have been detained, including Liu Xiaobo’s wife, Liu Xia, who drafted the list.

In addition to barring its citizens from attending, the Chinese government has launched an effort to discredit the Nobel Committee and to discourage representatives of foreign governments from attending. This week, for example, it sent letters to western ambassadors in Oslo, warning them against attending or even sending congratulatory messages.

For Dai Qing’s explanation of why she has decided to attend, and her plea to the Chinese government to release Liu Xiaobo or his wife to attend the Nobel ceremony, please click here.

Dai Qing, on a cross-Canada speaking tour, is a Probe International Fellow. To reach her while she’s in Canada over the coming weeks to December 10, contact Probe International, here.

Or call Probe International’s Executive Director, Patricia Adams, at: (416) 964-9223 (ext. 227)

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