Three Gorges Probe

A Primer on Water

(April 19, 2010) Probe International has attached Luna B. Leopold and Walter B. Langbein’s report, “A Primer on Water” for our readers. Although the report is 50 years old, we believe it provides an excellent overview of water systems and water development.

The primer comes in two parts. The first part discusses hydrology, or the science that concerns the relation of water to our earth, and the second part describes the development of water supplies and the use of water. What makes the report so important and enjoyable is that it presents a detailed look at water, yet does so in a non-technical style that is designed for the general public. In doing so, the authors wanted to enable the general reader to understand the facts about water as a part of nature. This, they believed, would provide the public with the necessary understanding of water systems to solve their water problems.

As for Luna B. Leopold, his importance to both researchers and the general public is monumental. Many of his works have obtained the “classic” status, due to their readability and insightfulness. He died in 2006 at the age of 90.

Luna B. Leopold and Walter B. Langbein, U.S. Government Printing Office, April 19, 2010

Read the report.

Further Reading

U.S. Geological Survey – The Water Cycle 

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