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The carbon credit market is quickly turning into one of the largest markets in the global economy. And as governments continue to step up their efforts to combat climate change, they’re increasingly turning to carbon credits as a means to do so.

But where, exactly, is all the money going to? To help journalists, NGOs and other researchers keep track of carbon credits, we’ve made a database of the Certified Emission Reduction (CERs) credits issued using the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism.

For an example, if you are interested in learning how many carbon credits have been given to the Chinese government or Chinese companies developing hydro electric dams, click on hydro electric under “project type” then click on China under “hosting party. Leave “supporting parties” set to all, so you can see all of the developed countries that have bought the credits.

When you’re ready, click “Update”. What you’ll see are all the hydro electric projects that have received funding through the UN Clean Development Mechanism program. For more details on the project, simply click on the title and you will be taken to the project’s UN page where you will be able to view the associated documents. At the bottom of the updated page you’ll see a total. In this case, we can see that projects in China have received almost 4-million carbon credits in return for building hydro electric dams.

Feel free to use our database whenever you need information regarding carbon credits and the Clean Development Mechanism. We will update it weekly. And also, if you are aware of problems with any of the projects that have received credits, we would love to hear from you.

Email us at: info (at) regarding infromation on carbon credits.

Visit the database here

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