Tag: Carbon Credits

Carbon credits and fraud: indifference keeps this pair keen

(September 29, 2011) This opinion piece by Viv Forbes of Australia’s Carbon Sense Coalition gets to the heart of the carbon market dilemma and its intrinsic vulnerability to fraud: essentially, no one cares. The carbon credit buyer wants “the bit of paper which allows him to keep operating” and the seller “just wants the money,” and anyone who should be monitoring for scammers doesn’t want to look too closely: they want the money, too.

UN subsidizes CO2

(August 4, 2011) In its quest to promote green energy and reduce the world’s carbon footprint, the United Nations has so distorted the economics of power production that it is set to subsidize over three dozen coal plants in India with some $5.3 billion in “carbon credits.”

Patricia Adams responds to a Cap and Trade advocate

(February 16, 2011) In a February 14th National Post article, author Dan Gardner argued that ‘command and control’ environmental regulations should be replaced with a cap and trade system. But as Probe International Executive Director Patricia Adams points out, cap and trade is just another varient of the ‘command and control’ approach that Mr. Gardner claims to oppose. Below is her response in today’s National Post.