Three Gorges Probe

Gorges opens floodgates to feed thirsty Yangtze


January 12, 2007

Beijing: China’s Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydropower project in the world, has opened its floodgates to ease water shortages not seen along the Yangtze River since the Qing Dynasty, state media said on Thursday.


Officials experimented with tentative discharges in December and formally started releases on Thursday. The downstream reaches of the Yangtze have suffered the lowest water levels since records began being kept in 1877, caused by scarce rainfall and a severe drought in the upper reaches last year, Xinhua news agency said. “Cases of boats being stranded by the shallow water have been reported frequently and difficulties in industrial, agricultural, household uses of water in the mid- and lower reaches of the Yangtze have arisen since November,” it said. … Read the full story.

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