Dams and Earthquakes

China’s quake: the dam factor

May 20, 2008

A foreign service correspondent for the San Francicso Chronicle quotes Probe International‘s Patricia Adams in a story linking China’s devastating earthquake to speculation that the country’s enormous Three Gorges dam “was a factor in causing the killer Sichuan province quake.”

Writes Kathleen McLaughlin:Though no one has directly fingered Three Gorges as the reason for the earthquake, Probe International, a Canadian non-profit that monitors China’s dams and their environmental and humanitarian fallout, raises the possibility.

“Whether reservoir-induced seismicity is behind last week’s earthquake should be urgently investigated before the Three Gorges reservoir is filled to its maximum height,” said Patricia Adams, the group’s executive director.


See Three Gorges Probe for related news on this subject, including:
China’s deadly earthquake: Was the Three Gorges reservoir a trigger?

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