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Global Transparency Initiative calling for IFI policy overhaul

Odious Debts Online
December 28, 2007

Visit the civil society monitor Global Transparency Initiative’s (GTI) Transparency Charter to International Financial Institutions: Claiming Our Right to Know. The Charter is the GTI’s flagship statement of standards the GTI believes the information disclosure policies held by International Financial Institutions should conform to.

The Charter calls for a complete overhaul of these policies and pushes for greater access to the ‘wealth of information’ IFIs withhold from the public. ”

“People have a right to information from public institutions and a right to participate in the development policies and projects that affect their lives,” says GTI, adding, “in IFI-supported activities, transparency can help reduce corruption; identify potential social, environmental and economic risks and benefits; and avoid damaging communities and sensitive ecosystems.”

The GTI is rallying civil society organizations to add their name to a petition endorsing the Charter. For more information, see:

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