Three Gorges Probe

Three Gorges migrant victims decry corruption and abuse

December 10, 2007

Residents forced to make way for the Three Gorges dam have been denied resettlement funds, The China Post (Taiwan’s leading English-language paper) reported on December 10th.


In an interview with AFP journalist Dan Martin, Probe International‘s executive director Patricia Adams said theft of funds and mistreatment of upstream residents remained “pervasive” and that “in most resettlement areas … the people have suffered it in silence.”

Citizens of Gaoyang county say thousands are being cut adrift as officials embezzle or misuse funds earmarked for migrants, AFP reported.

Peasant farmer Fu Xiuqiong and her family now live in a makeshift hut after officials bulldozed their home. They were denied the promised resettlement funds.

“It is very difficult to stay alive here but we have no money to leave,” Fu told AFP, tears welling in her eyes.

Although Chinese officials have denied the corruption allegations, the state media reported that at least US$37 million had been embezzled in 2004 and 2005.

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