Beijing Water

Beijing: Chinese suffering a new water torture

December 1, 2007

Beijing’s dead waterways will be brought back to life—temporarily—in time for the Olympic Games, reports The Age. Officials will pump 3 billion cubic metres of water into the city from four dams in neighbouring Hebei province to replenish the water in the city’s dirty canal system.

“This water diversion will make the water in Beijing’s rivers all clear and clean,” said Wang Jian, an official at Beijing’s Haidian information centre. “We can’t let foreigners come and look at the water when it is still dark and stinky.”

Beijing’s average annual rainfall has dropped from 595 millimetres to 480 millimetres in the past nine years and the level in its underground watertable has decreased significantly, says The Age. The Olympic transformation will add to the debt the city owes to the surrounding countryside and put stress on the dwindling water supply.

Long-standing critic of the Three Gorges dam Dai Qing says that next year’s Olympic Games will be too much for the natural environment to bear. “I don’t support having the Games in Beijing—we don’t have enough water to support it,” she says.

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