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PI Exclusive: The Yongding River’s lavish funeral

(February 24, 2011) Beijing-based water expert Wang Jian recounts how decades of environmental degradation have dried up Beijing’s “Mother River.”

Dry up city’s water shortage by using less

(January 11, 2011) Wang Jian, who studies Beijing’s water consumption for the NGO Green SOS, estimated that city could save 190 million cubic meters of water annually if residents used it less extravagantly. That figure is double the capacity of the Guanting Reservoir.

Beijing Getting Thirsty

(July 8, 2010) ‘Dashengzhuang, in Xihongmen town in Beijing’s Daxing district, has guards at its entrance and people are only allowed in after showing a pass which includes the holder’s name, sex, ethnic background, hometown, occupation, identity card number and mobile phone number. The village is closed between 11pm and 6am.

Beijing residents worry their city is running out of water, looking to government for action

(June 5, 2010) Three-quarters of those interviewed in a recent survey about Beijing’s water crisis say that they are concerned about the capital city’s water shortages and that they feel pollution and overexploitation of water are to blame. The survey, commissioned by Friends of Nature, China’s oldest environmental organization, was released in Beijing today, World Environment Day.