China's Dams

Construction of new hydropower project in SW China starts


November 29, 2006

Construction of the Longjiang River Hydropower Project, jointly invested by the Ministry of Water Resources and Yunnan Province, is officially started on Tuesday.

The 2.15 billion yuan (270 million U.S. dollars) project, built on the lower reaches of the Longjiang River in Yunnan Province, has a designed installed capacity of 240,000 kilowatts and a water reserve capacity of 1.13 billion cubic meters.

Zhai Haohui, vice minister of water resources, said the project, to be completed in four years, will play multiple roles in flood control, irrigation, power generation and tourism. The project, which is designed to resist the worst flood that happens once in 50 years on average, will ensure water supply to the residents in Ruili City of Yunnan Province, and boost tourism and aquaculture industry in that area. He said that construction of the hydropower project will pose no risks to nearby animal habitats and plants. It will play an important role in developing local economy and helping local ethnic groups to get rid of poverty.

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